About Us

Since having my first baby in 1999, I’ve always loved personalized gifts. Anything with a name just makes it that much more special. Always shopping for blankets, and toys with my kids names I knew it was something I would love to make myself. As I had more children I realized that I not only liked personal kids items but I love personalized items for my home as well.

One of my favorite things is lucite. It’s easy and practical. With 8 kids in the house it’s just that much easier than glass and ceramic. So over the years my lucite collection kept expanding. And I kept telling my kids how I would love to personalize my own stuff. So In December 2018, my children decided to buy me a machine so I could personalize stuff for me!!!! As a joke one of my kids said you know you should start a business. The next thing I knew, NameTags was created on Instagram and the rest is history.

Over the last year and a half I loved getting to know people as they came to browse and shop. I love helping bring peoples ideas into fruition. At NameTags I want to give you the most personal gift options. Every gift is custom ordered and made to your specific likings. We have all different gift options and all different price ranges. We have gifts for everyone- from babies to adults.

So come and shop and create that special personlized gift you’ve been dreaming of!!!